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      2018-12-20 18:04     供稿單位: 新航道    

      出國英語考試有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思閱讀評分標準 托福閱讀評分標準 雅思和托福的區別

        新一輪的換題季出了這樣一道describe a good law in your country,看到這個話題你是不是會想到了我們國家的司法考試呢?它考察的內容很龐雜,涉及科目很多,巨大的知識量足以讓剛接觸它的考生們心生畏懼本期的三分鐘學雅思,就讓我們一起結合這道最新的雅思口語話題:“Describe a good law in your country.”來一起學習如何描述我們國家的好的法律吧!


        ∨《3分鐘學雅思》第五季 第46期 點擊觀看



        Describe a good law in your country.

        You should say:

        What it is

        How you knew it

        Who it affects

        And why you think it is good.


        Well, I’m no pro about this, but I read it on a micro-blog the other day that China has banned foreign waste from 2 years ago, for like plastic, paper and textile. Many developed countries now need to find other places for their waste to go and the recycling rate has decreased as well. China used to own lots of recycling companies to dispose that waste and make it profitable. But a lot of the plastic we received in recent years was poor quality, and it became difficult to turn to profit, and it will cost more to clean up the environment. China is also producing more plastic waste domestically, so we don’t have to rely on other nations for it. It is a contradiction between economic growth and the environment .

        Chinese president Xi Jinping recently announced his goals for China to become a leader in pursuing “ecological civilization”. As china continues tomodernize its industrial processes and combat its vast environmental problems, and more stringent regulation of polluters.



        聽外教讀本期關鍵詞來自新航道3分鐘學雅思00:0000:111. textile n. 紡織品,織物

        2. dispose v. 處理,處置

        3. contradiction n. 矛盾

        4. modernize 使現代化

        5. stringent regulation嚴格管制