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      2018-12-20 17:26     供稿單位: 新航道    

      出國英語考試有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思閱讀評分標準 托福閱讀評分標準 雅思和托福的區別

        各位哈利·波特迷們一定不會錯過的《神奇動物在哪里:格林德沃之罪》終于上映了,那些absolute精美、酷炫、又充滿想象力的畫面,神奇動物們的神奇身形,已經彌漫到中國山海經里的上古神獸了,讓大家再次夢回奇幻冒險之旅。本期的三分鐘學雅思,就讓我們一起結合這道The latest的雅思口語話題:“Describe an activity you would do when you are alone in your free time.”來一起學習如何描述這部電影吧!


        ∨《3分鐘學雅思》第五季 第44期 點擊觀看


        Describe an activity you would do when you are alone in your free time.

        You should say:

        What the activity is

        How often you do it

        Where you do it

        And explain why you would like to do this activity.



        Well, it might be kinda weird but I like to go to a movie by myself from time to time, you know, I get to pick the movie I wanna see the most and pick the most suitable time for myself. I actually just did that a few days ago to see the latest Fantastic Beasts, this sequel The Crime of Grindelwald is taking me back to Hogwarts, the magic world. Jude Law portrays younger Albus Dumbledore as the school’s professor to defend against the dark arts. This movie also sees the return of Newt Scamander, a magical zoologist who later becomes famous within the series for his indispensable guide to the magical creatures of the world.

        The film teases a darker turn than that of the first film, showing off Grindelwald as he works to gain power within the wizard world. As the title suggests, the film covers a key part of Harry Potter lore, showing a rising discontent among wizards, who are tired of hiding from the rest of the muggle world.




        外教帶你讀本期關鍵詞來自新航道3分鐘學雅思00:0000:081. from time to time 時不時的

        2. sequel n. 續集

        3. zoologist n. 動物學家

        4. indispensable adj. 不可或缺的,責無旁貸的

        5. discontent n. 不滿