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      雅思 (IELTS)



      您當前的位置 ? 新航道官網 ? 雅思 ? 雅思寫作 ? 文章正文


      2019-07-25 17:00     供稿單位: 新航道     原創作者:章躍    

      出國英語考試有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思閱讀評分標準 托福閱讀評分標準 雅思和托福的區別

        TASK 1



        As is shown in the chart, the magazine sales per person in the 5 countries (A, B, C, D, and E) changed between the two historical years, and they are unlikely to stay unchanged in the future. [可以用寬泛總結的方式寫開頭,但是一定一定要寬泛,不要搶了conclusion的內容]

        【分組原則:Countries A, B and C一組:下降】


        In Countries A, B and C, the year of 2010 witnessed a drop compared with the year of 2000 [用來表述比較關系的狀語要寫清楚], and it is predicted that the year of 2020 will see a drop on the 2010’s level[用來表述比較關系的定語要寫清楚]. ←總,分 →The highest sales were in Country A and in 2000, and lowest sales is likely to be in Country C in 2020; however, the sales will still stay above an annual number of 30.

        【分組原則:Countries D and E一組】

        By marked/stark[表示程度的形容詞是小作文的詞匯關鍵] contrast, the year of 2010 saw that magazines became more popular in Countries D and E, as the sales per person grew by 5 in both of the countries. According to the projection[于是后面可以用will], Country D’s number will, by the time of 2020, be 5 larger than in 2010, andCountry E will witness a slight decrease of 5 on the 2010’s level [用來表述比較關系的定語要寫清楚]. In addition, it is notable that the sales were relatively low in these two countries, as they were around 20 and 10 respectively.

        Overall, countries A, B and C were vastly different from Countries D and E in terms of the sales and the pattern of change, and their futures will be significantly different. [籠統寫]

        TASK 2

        Some people believe that educational success depends on good teachers. Others think that it is dependent on the attitude of the students.

        Discuss both of the views and give your opinion.

        [我們需要一個簡潔快速高效的開頭,防止給讀者(考官)造成疲勞感和引起反感] Many people believe instructors play an important role in students’ educational achievement. However, the right minds and hearts of students are more decisive.

        Good instructors are able to recognize learners’ strengths and weaknesses, whereas students themselves may be unable to do so. Knowing the talents and flaws, teachers therefore could offer advice accordingly // corresponding advice. In addition, well-qualified teachers are professionals, who are experienced and possess expert knowledge, compared with students. As students learn from their experience and gain the knowledge, they learn from the best. In addition, students may look up to a highly competent and charismatic teacher, and having students’ admiration is important.

        However, [首先,故意針對上一段中的內容一] teachers’ advice is not necessarily followed. Students may disagree with teachers’ evaluation of them and disobey [其實在說明是“態度問題”的詞] teachers’ instructions. In other words, if students haveresistance to [其實在說明是“態度問題”的詞]the right opinions and directions, they are unlikely to make educational achievements.[然后,故意針對上一段中的內容二] In addition, teachers’ knowledge and experience may not be appreciated [其實在說明是“態度問題”的詞]. For example, a knowledgeable and experienced professor may be neglected by a class of students uninterested in learning. That is to say, teachers are useless or valueless unless students truly enjoy [其實在說明是“態度問題”的詞] learning. [最后,故意針對上一段中的內容一] Lastly, an admirable teacher may be unable to many students change the disinterest in learning as a stubborn habit.

        To sum up, good teachers play a significant role in students’ academic performance. However, educational attainments are subject to students’ attitude.